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Name: NOW
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Total Followers: 70,501
nowtoronto's instagram posts receive on average 130 likes. For an account with 70,501 followers, they should receive a minimum of 2,468 likes per post.
nowtoronto's instagram posts receive on average 3 comments. For an account with 70,501 followers, they should receive a minimum of 141 comments per post.
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Their Average Likes 0.185%

Should be above 3.5%

Their Average Likes are 5% of what they should be

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Their Average Comments 0.005%

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Their Average Comments are 2% of what they should be

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Likely real followers 3,717 (5.27%)
Dormant or fake followers 66,784 (94.73%)
Note: If this account is for a business, 20% likely real followers is typical.

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@supernovaballroom is a brand-new Financial District bar with an all-fizzy-drinks menu and a whole lot of funktastic '70s vibes. But there's also an eco-friendly twist: Creators @kelseyramage and @iaingriffiths_ traveled the world hosting waste-free cocktail pop-ups under the @trashtiki banner, and at Supernova, they're still recycling scraps into delicious cocktail ingredients. Get the full rundown via the link in the bio. (๐Ÿ“ธ@wornoldhat)โ € #torontobars #torontofood #torontococktails

Likes : 47
(0.067 %)

Cmnts : 1
(0.001 %)


This week's cover story: Toronto's masked country star @orvillepeck rides into the spotlight. Read the story now via the link in the bio or pick up a copy on newsstands! (@samuelengelking)โ € #torontomusic

Likes : 73
(0.104 %)

Cmnts : 2
(0.003 %)


On September 28, Mothers Leading The Walk Against Violence led a march for awareness of gun violence. Itโ€™s been a violent year for Toronto โ€“ more than 300 reported shootings and 30 homicides so far by gunfire โ€“ yet federal party leaders are proposing reactive, not proactive, solutions as part of their election platforms. Click the link in the bio to read more. (๐Ÿ“ธPaul Salvatori)โ € #toronto #torontonews #elxn43

Likes : 63
(0.089 %)

Cmnts : 1
(0.001 %)


On Wednesday, October 3 NOW and @interac hosted a panel in celebration of small business month. The panel gave an inside look at what it means to thrive as a small business in Toronto. Special thanks to our amazing panel of small business owners: Natasha Geddes (@goodgoddessdaily), Alexandra Baird (@ripe.nutrition), Alan Bekerman (@iqfoodco), Maria J. Blige (@itsagoodsunday) and Danielle Gulic & Yvonne Reidy (@loversland). For more information visit:

Likes : 66
(0.094 %)

Cmnts : 3
(0.004 %)


Beer geeks, start your engines: @barvolo is back and better than ever, with a new location just a stone's throw away from its old stomping grounds at Yonge and Wellesley. Check out the link in the bio for the full scoop. (๐Ÿ“ธ @wornoldhat)โ € #torontobeer #canadianbeer #craftbeer

Likes : 125
(0.177 %)

Cmnts : 6
(0.009 %)


The Toronto chapter of the global climate group Extinction Rebellion blocked the Bloor Viaduct Monday morning in an effort to draw attention to the climate crisis. (๐Ÿ“ธ Zach Ruiter) #climatechange #environment

Likes : 206
(0.292 %)

Cmnts : 7
(0.010 %)


@nuitblancheto took over Toronto and Scarborough last night, transforming public spaces with contemporary art installations. (๐Ÿ“ธ@samuelengelking) #nbto19 #nuitblanche #canadianart

Likes : 158
(0.224 %)

Cmnts : 0
(0.000 %)


Tonight at @nuitblancheTO: Peace To The Past, Reach For The Future, Esmaa Mohamoud and Bryan Espiritu's 25th-anniversary tribute to the @raptors, will be on display at Queen and Bay. Hit the link in the bio to get the full story on the creation of the piece. (๐Ÿ“ธ @samuelengelking)โ € #nuitblancheTO #canadianart #raptors #nbto19

Likes : 241
(0.342 %)

Cmnts : 2
(0.003 %)


@directorx's latest project, on display at @nuitblancheTO, is Life Of The Earth, a huge Earth replica that shows impact of climate change on a massive scale. See it this weekend at @ontariosciencecentre, and get the full story on the project's creation via the link in our bio.โ € #nuitblancheTO #torontoart #climatechange #nbto19

Likes : 181
(0.257 %)

Cmnts : 2
(0.003 %)


This week's cover: High art meets pro sports in Esmaa Mohamoud and Bryan Espiritu's @nuitblancheto sculpture marking the Toronto Raptors 25th anniversary. Link in bio for the full story. ๐Ÿ“ธ: @samuelengelking . . #nbTO19 #Toronto #publicart #nuitblanche2019 #raptors #RaptorsTwoFive

Likes : 151
(0.214 %)

Cmnts : 5
(0.007 %)


NOW Magazine and @theroyalto invite you to our free film series - NOW Free Flick Mondays, presented by @thelakeviewrestaurant! ๐Ÿ‘ป Our October Screening is the 1998 slasher drama, Halloween H20! October 21, 7:30 PM | Reserve your free tickets at #nowfreeflicks ๐ŸŽƒ

Likes : 83
(0.118 %)

Cmnts : 6
(0.009 %)


In @danaclaxton's portraits, the multidisciplinary Hunkpapa Lakota artist depicts Indigenous women adorned in their own โ€œcultural belongings,โ€ their faces entirely obscured by beaded necklaces, embroidered bags and hats. Claxton's work is on our must-see list for the inaugural @torontobiennial - click the link to find out more.โ € #canadianart #contemporaryart #indigenousart

Likes : 167
(0.237 %)

Cmnts : 5
(0.007 %)

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