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Name: Marc JayπŸ”―
Pic: Marc JayπŸ”― Profile Picture


Total: 39,480
Average Likes:
Should Be:
Average Comments:
Should Be:
Average Vs Target Likes
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Average Vs Target Comments
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Engagement Check #1 (Likes)

Average Likes 0.083%

Should be above 3.5%

Average Likes are 2% of what they should be

Engagement Check #2 (Comments)

Average Comments 0.006%

Should be above 0.2%

Average Comments are 3% of what they should be

Follower Audit Result

Social Engagement Grade = F

This account has lower than expected social engagement from likes.

This account has lower than expected social engagement from comments, or comments are disabled.

Likely real followers 940 (2.38%)
Dormant or fake followers 38,540 (97.62%)
Note: If this account is for a business, 20% likely real followers is typical.

Real Vs Suspect Followers
  • Real
  • Suspect

Social Engagement Details (Last 12 Posts)

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If anyone is heading to the Bahamas I have two amazing yacht available please see this link. @lisa_opie @_daniela_doll not included 😎

Likes : 19
(0.048 %)

Cmnts : 6
(0.015 %)


To all my Las Vegas people I am looking for more venues to buy out on the strip over New Years Eve. It must have a view so my clients can see the fireworks and looking for any kind of space. Let’s make some money early and let me know.

Likes : 34
(0.086 %)

Cmnts : 7
(0.018 %)


When you would like to eat some fresh Lobster and Sam your local fisherman comes by your yacht. Island living

Likes : 23
(0.058 %)

Cmnts : 2
(0.005 %)


The new 280ft Oceanco super yacht looking for $250M or best offer

Likes : 38
(0.096 %)

Cmnts : 3
(0.008 %)


Let's open the sun roof today for this beautiful weather.

Likes : 17
(0.043 %)

Cmnts : 1
(0.003 %)


Off to the great Cat Islands in the Bahamas.

Likes : 59
(0.149 %)

Cmnts : 2
(0.005 %)


Amazing to see the Panama Canal today

Likes : 62
(0.157 %)

Cmnts : 0
(0.000 %)


Along the Panama Canal watching the amazing sunset.

Likes : 25
(0.063 %)

Cmnts : 0
(0.000 %)


Panama reminds me of San Francisco. Now off to my first meeting.

Likes : 28
(0.071 %)

Cmnts : 1
(0.003 %)


One of the best steak restaurants I've ever been to. This is my 6th time here in 3 weeks. Congratulations @silvestriseb and Jacob on an amazing restaurant.

Likes : 41
(0.104 %)

Cmnts : 1
(0.003 %)


When your personal trainer tells you to go and find some steps to run thanks @greekgeek23 πŸ™

Likes : 15
(0.038 %)

Cmnts : 1
(0.003 %)


When you lose at poker and they make you go and buy more alcohol but they didnt tell me it was at another island πŸ›«πŸ›«πŸ›¬πŸ›¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬

Likes : 34
(0.086 %)

Cmnts : 5
(0.013 %)

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