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Name: D⃣   r⃣ Um⃣   h⃣a⃣C  k⃣e⃣ r⃣
Pic: D⃣   r⃣ Um⃣   h⃣a⃣C  k⃣e⃣ r⃣'s Profile Picture

Follower Engagement

Total Followers: 40,390
drum_hacker's instagram posts receive on average 77 likes. For an account with 40,390 followers, they should receive a minimum of 1,414 likes per post.
drum_hacker's instagram posts receive on average 9 comments. For an account with 40,390 followers, they should receive a minimum of 81 comments per post.
Average Vs Target Likes
  • Average
  • Target
Average Vs Target Comments
  • Average
  • Target

Engagement Check #1 (Likes)

Their Average Likes 0.19%

Should be above 3.5%

Their Average Likes are 5% of what they should be

Engagement Check #2 (Comments)

Their Average Comments 0.021%

Should be above 0.2%

Their Average Comments are 11% of what they should be

Follower Audit Result

Social Engagement Grade = F

This account has lower than expected social engagement from likes.

This account has lower than expected social engagement from comments, or comments are disabled.

Likely real followers 2,195 (5.43%)
Dormant or fake followers 38,195 (94.57%)
Note: If this account is for a business, 20% likely real followers is typical.

Real Vs Suspect Followers
  • Real
  • Suspect

Social Engagement Details (Last 12 Posts)

Green = OK   Red = LOW

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Likes : 95
(0.235 %)

Cmnts : 5
(0.012 %)


Likes : 99
(0.245 %)

Cmnts : 1
(0.002 %)


Likes : 72
(0.178 %)

Cmnts : 0
(0.000 %)


Likes : 65
(0.161 %)

Cmnts : 0
(0.000 %)


Likes : 92
(0.228 %)

Cmnts : 0
(0.000 %)


Likes : 78
(0.193 %)

Cmnts : 0
(0.000 %)


Episode 8 of 20 ________________ Well hullo thar. I must say you look mighty fine today 🥰 I hope you’re feeling awesome and running your game like an absolute boss! Did you roll your stories yesterday? It’s all about getting stuff to work for you as opposed to you working for it. So, let’s get stuck in! Today we are going to talk about CTA’s. “What the Samuel L Jackson's left nut is a CTA?” I hear you ask. CTA stands for: Call To Action. I explain exactly how to use them in todays mailing list, we, mail out, but here let me tell you what they are and why you NEED to use them.... Read this if you’re a poopy bum. Lee xoxo

Likes : 54
(0.134 %)

Cmnts : 9
(0.022 %)


Episode 7 of 20 ________________ CHEEKY HACK TUESDAY - how to get LOADS more engagement!! Life is quick and it is our job to make sure we use our time wisely and to our advantage. It is imperative that we make the most out of life and use our courage and persistence to create the culture we find desirable to live in. How do we do that? Well, one way is to focus only on the things that matter.... If you wanna’ know more then sign up to the mailing list by dropping me a comment or DM! Have an awesome day! Lee xoxo

Likes : 62
(0.154 %)

Cmnts : 16
(0.040 %)


Episode 6 of 20 ________________ What is the first thing your potential and current clients see before choosing to do business with you…? Yups, you guessed it: your shopfront! And it is more important to get right than you may think. Do you have a shop front?! Are you aware of how your audience sees you and your business? It’s kinda like the whole first impression thing when meeting someone - I believe you CAN alter someone's perception of you, but you can never make a second first impression (unless you use one of those fake nose-googly eyes-glasses situations so people don’t realise it’s you). Everything is so effin’ fast and throwaway at the moment, and there are so many distractions everywhere that you may not even get a first chance to make a second impression! Ya’ dig?! Your shop front needs to grab enough attention in less than a few seconds that your audience may give you another few seconds after seeing it! So how do we do that then…? Sign up to the mailing list by dropping me a DM 😘😘😘

Likes : 75
(0.186 %)

Cmnts : 7
(0.017 %)


Episode 5 of 20 ________________ Look, if it’s worth doing it’s worth doing every day! 💯✅ Eating healthy; exercising; brushing your teeth; being in love; working hard; accomplishing shit; telling the truth; smiling; laughing; being a legend! All these things only work if you do them every day! If you want a loving relationship you can’t be an amazing partner for the most part but then cheat once a year 🚫 If you want a healthy body you can’t exercise for 6 months of the year and then bail for the other 6. If you want to be a good person you can’t tell the truth every day of the year but tell a whopper on Christmas - feel me?! I have made shit loads of mistakes in my life so far and I am going to be learning till the day I die, but one of the huge lessons I have learned to date is that consistency is integral when you wanna’ get shit done! 🔥🔥🔥 __________________ Sign up to the mailing list by sending me your email address - no spam 💪🏼😘🤗 And that’s the end of week 1! Did you learn something? Let me know if you are still finding these helpful - next weeks tips and tricks are all totes IG related and all game changers! Have an awesome weekend, Lee xoxo

Likes : 67
(0.166 %)

Cmnts : 7
(0.017 %)


Episode 4 of 20 ________________ Babes 💋 Today I am going to teach you how to add value to your DM’s and make them work for you to massively increase traffic, new business, and social profile! This is a gamechanger FYI! 💯🔥 One of my least favourite things I hear is “I don’t have time!”. You have the same effin’ 24 hours as The Rock, Celine Dion, the girl or guy you fancy, Stephen Speilberg, your local mechanic, Will Smith, and EVERYONE ELSE!!!!! And moreso, you have the same 24 hours as all of your dead idols! Whether it’s Bob Marley, Gandhi, Rosa Parks or any other complete boss that has ever walked this earth, they all had the same amount of time that you do! Why am I talking about time?! Cuz’ usually when I tell people the following (to be fair usually when I tell most people anything) they say “I don’t have time to do that”. Well, the answer is “yes you do, pussy!” The bit most people don’t explain is that organising your time is kinda’ like one of those slide puzzles where you HAVE to move one piece to slide another closer to its destination. Thing is, if you filled the empty space with something you can never complete the puzzle! So we need to cut out the BS time we are spending doing BS stuff and replace it with baller traits! Push hard and get results init!!! So, let me ask you, and answer honestly: “how much time do you spend scrolling through your feed on IG??” (This works for FB too). If it is more than zero then we need to topsy turvy that motherfucker and use the time we spend aimlessly scrolling to do outreach that benefits our business, brand, and profile... Lemme know your thoughts 🙏🏼😘🔥

Likes : 64
(0.158 %)

Cmnts : 20
(0.050 %)


Episode 3 of 20 ________________ Day 3 darlings 😘 How did you find yesterday's hack? Have you started hiding your tags and mentions in your story yet? Anyways, today is Wednesday! And you know what that means? It means someone, somewhere, is hating on the fact it’s #humpday. To be fair it could be any day and someone, somewhere is hating on something. The world is full of haters! But what are they? And why are they so beneficial to our success?! Fact: If you don’t have haters, you’re not pushing hard enough! Lemme’ know your thoughts in the comments! ✅😁 Have an awesome day and see you tomorrow when we will talk about how to DM 2.0 🔥💯🔥💯🔥 Loves xoxo

Likes : 99
(0.245 %)

Cmnts : 38
(0.094 %)

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