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Name: Yvonne Gevargesian
Pic: Yvonne Gevargesian Profile Picture

Follower Engagement

Total Followers: 87,124
aloriaskincare's instagram posts receive on average 275 likes. For an account with 87,124 followers, they should receive a minimum of 3,049 likes per post.
aloriaskincare's instagram posts receive on average 12 comments. For an account with 87,124 followers, they should receive a minimum of 174 comments per post.
Average Vs Target Likes
  • Average
  • Target
Average Vs Target Comments
  • Average
  • Target

Engagement Check #1 (Likes)

Their Average Likes 0.315%

Should be above 3.5%

Their Average Likes are 9% of what they should be

Engagement Check #2 (Comments)

Their Average Comments 0.013%

Should be above 0.2%

Their Average Comments are 7% of what they should be

Follower Audit Result

Social Engagement Grade = F

This account has lower than expected social engagement from likes.

This account has lower than expected social engagement from comments, or comments are disabled.

Likely real followers 7,845 (9%)
Dormant or fake followers 79,279 (91%)
Note: If this account is for a business, 20% likely real followers is typical.

Real Vs Suspect Followers
  • Real
  • Suspect

Social Engagement Details (Last 12 Posts)

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“All the way from Ohio” we love our Clients from all over 💞💞💞

Likes : 49
(0.056 %)

Cmnts : 4
(0.005 %)


Love this girl! She is all Beauty and Brains! Another loyal Client for 3 years in a row..... We love you Jordan 😘😘😘

Likes : 72
(0.083 %)

Cmnts : 5
(0.006 %)


To the Left: 1 year HEALED To the right: 1 year Touch Up Beautiful Healed results require a proper After Care not to mention your skin type, metabolism, and life style play a huge role. Good HEALED results is 50/50. We do our part as great Artist using top of the line pigments with the latest technique of Microblading but our clients have to do their part too. Microblading Brows that last longer: . ✅No Direct sun exposure . ✅minimize constant sweating . ✅Do not use brow pencils or brow gels . ✅Do not use products that contain Retinol or glycolic in them. ✅minimize make up wear in the forehead such as: powder or foundation it still gets in the Microbladed brows and can cause premature fading or alter the fresh color. ✅minimize long hot steamy showers

Likes : 264
(0.303 %)

Cmnts : 5
(0.006 %)


Because inverted brows are the bomb 💣 Love this look 😍😍😍

Likes : 388
(0.445 %)

Cmnts : 10
(0.011 %)


Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful hard working momma’s I wouldn’t have earned the title if it wasn’t for all these beautiful souls in this picture! God Bless! 💞 thank you Wilson @sarkisphoto photography you are amazing! 🎥 i would like to congratulate my son and Alex on their First Holy Communion. 🙏🏻

Likes : 1,248
(1.432 %)

Cmnts : 54
(0.062 %)


Inverted Brows! 😍😍😍 Always follow the natural growth of the hair growth pattern.

Likes : 380
(0.436 %)

Cmnts : 6
(0.007 %)


Love my Clients reaction! 💞It was genuine! This is the first time in her life she has had eyebrows this perfect and younger! 💁🏼‍♀️

Likes : 81
(0.093 %)

Cmnts : 4
(0.005 %)


To the left 6 weeks HEALED To the right Tocuhed Up. As you can see we warmed up the color during her Touch Up because she naturally healed more cool. We used Beauty Angels Latina collection dark brown. Now the color will heal perfect! Love love the HEALED results with Beauty Angels. They heal very true to the color. Thank you @beautyangelsacademyusa for formulating the pigments to perfection. A brand I can be 100% proud of. 💎💎💎

Likes : 95
(0.109 %)

Cmnts : 1
(0.001 %)


No Filter! Talk about Natural Beauty @mona_hachem Thank you to her sister @bakemydaymimo1 for referring her to me she is truly a gem💎 Today was her Touch Up and her HEALED results were amazing. I would like to wish all my Muslim friends and Clients a Ramadan Kareem. 🕌

Likes : 132
(0.152 %)

Cmnts : 11
(0.013 %)


📢 Detroit 📢 Who is ready for this? June 25 & 26 a live course of Microblade & Shade taught together with the Award Winning 🏆 “World’s Best Master Trainer” and Myself. We are the dynamic duo ✊🏻✊🏻She has taught over 5000 Students Worldwide and I have been Microblading for 10 plus years and have performed over 10,000 Microblading procedures. You will learn from the best of the best! Come join us in West Bloomfield on the 25 & 26 of June. Please DM message us to register you in and there are only a few spots left! . . Each Basic Blade & Shade course comes along with the the Beauty Angels Basic Microblade & Shade Kit which includes: 🔸8 pigments ( Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Super Dark, Black Onyx, Yellow, Orange) . 🔸1x Angel Care Wipes(15pieces/package) 🔸1 box of 18 3ml tubes of Angel Care Gel 🔸Box of 50 Blades 🔸1 Multi-Tool 🔸3 Boxes of 10 different Disposable Tools(1P, 2P, 4P) 🔸Latex With Eyebrows (Contains the shape AND the strokes corresponding to each level) 🔸2 Pencils (1 Black & 1 Brown) 🔸Box of 30 Eyebrow Rulers 🔸1 Scissor & 1 Tweezer . 🔸2 Days of Live training and work with a model 🔸Beauty Angels Premium Kit worth $900 🔸6 months of online course materials and coaching from me 🔸A lifetime support of Beauty Angels community artist and trainers from all over the World who are all rooting for you. Spread your wings and fly “The Sky’s the limit”

Likes : 249
(0.286 %)

Cmnts : 28
(0.032 %)


Top left: HEALED one year Top Right: Pre Draw Bottom left: One year Touch Up Bottom right: close up

Likes : 266
(0.305 %)

Cmnts : 7
(0.008 %)


We have thousands of loyal Clients and we appreciate every single one of you! Thank you for your love and continued support. Every single year we bring the latest technique of Microblading and the best products as well! Continued education is extremely important to us. 🥰🥰🥰

Likes : 71
(0.081 %)

Cmnts : 5
(0.006 %)

Social Blade

Another sign that someone has been dabbling in the paid follower trade is when their daily increase in followers is inconsistent. Our basic test does not cover this metric. But you can obtain this information by regularly checking, and checking out the follower changes per day. When the account has a spike in followers gained, it is a sure sign that something has caused it, and probably not something organic.

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Follower Analysis

Another aspect to check is the quality of the followers an account has. When using a paid follower service it is sometimes evident that the users who are following you are following a LOT of other people also. When you come across a supposedly normal user account that is following 1,000+ other users and has only 100 followers, it might indicate they are one of the accounts paid to follow people. Some accounts may have valid reasons for this, but the average user couldn't manage reviewing 1,000+ posts every few days.