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Instagram Social Engagement Hall of Shame
Bottom 10 Last 30 Days

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Social Engagement Score Explained

As explained in our Blog Post - What's the difference between Social Reach & Social Engagement? Social Engagement is Key! The social engagement score is a measure of the account's engagement when compared with the industry standard. It combines the engagement through likes and the engagement through comments into a percentage, to compare with industry standard engagement for the number of followers the account has. Check out the accounts on this list for yourself to decide if they should be named and shamed for non existent social engagement!

The accounts in this list should be ashamed of themselves. I can say with 99.99% accuracy that they have bought fake instagram followers. I can tell because they have almost non existent Social Engagement based on the number of followers they have. I'm talking about less than 10% of what it should be! There is no way to hide from that level of disinterest from your audience!

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